Wild Ones Root River Chapter January 2020 Monthly Meeting Announcement

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Hello Wild Ones!

I know we are fast approaching the holidays, but I wanted you to have this information before our January 4 meeting at the Northside Kenosha Library, 1500 27th Ave, Kenosha at 10AM. This will be a planning meeting.

There was some excellent conversation at the holiday party about possible activities for the upcoming year and I thought we might further explore some of these ideas as a group. I hope you can make the meeting and please feel free to bring and express your own thoughts. Even if your participation in January isn’t possible, I invite you to please consider the questions below and get back to me.

Food for Thought. (Some possible Questions to consider include:)

1. What speakers, topics or activities would you like to see arranged for monthly meetings in the new year?

2. At what locations would you most like to see monthly meetings held?

3. Would you be interested in having a native plant presented by a member at each monthly meeting? Would you be willing to present?

4. Would you be interested in sitting on the plant sale committee? Will you be volunteering at the sale this year?

5. What plants would you like to see made available at the plant sale?

6. Do you think sample garden plans would be beneficial at the plant sale to help customers make easier selections?

7. Do you think plant groupings sold as a package would be good at the plant sale (e.g. pollinator plants for full sun, pollinator plants for clay, etc.)? We’d like to keep the groupings small both in terms of size and type, so what would the most useful packages be?

8. How or to whom or to what kinds of recipients would you like to see yearly donations made?

9. Would you be interested in having our chapter promote a garden grant program where plants would be given to organizations? Would you volunteer to help design and plant these gardens?

10. What should we include on our information/education board?

11. Other thoughts?

I look forward to hearing from all of you and seeing you at the next meeting–our first of 2020!

Regina Harders
President, Root River Wild Ones

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