Wild Ones Root River Chapter 2017 Native Plant Sale Pre-order Time!

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Good morning, Wild Ones! Tired of all the up and down weather weirdness? Cheer up ? the plant sale advance order form is here! We have many new offerings and old favorites to tempt you, plus almost all of our plants are now available in quart pots so they?re extra big and more resistant to transplant shock. Go crazy ? these prices are amazing and it?s for a good cause!

The plant sale committee worked extra hard this year to bring you a great selection of plants. We are also using 2 sources for our woody plants so they are available in a variety of sizes. Support your local wildlife ?by supporting your local Wild Ones chapter!

Here?s what to do:

1. The order form is in 2 versions: if you want to fill it out on your computer, use the Excel spreadsheet. The formulas at the bottom will automatically calculate your total, any discount, etc. If you’d rather print it out and fill it in by hand, there’s a pdf version as well without formulas so you can fill out the totals yourself. A copy of the pdf file is below, if you need a copy of the excel file, please email Chris at [email protected] to request it.

2. The perennials we get in small pots are $4. The ones in large pots (about 1 quart size) are $6. Each species is only available in 1 size – if the quantity cell is white, it?s available in that size. Trees and shrubs are priced as marked. You have to order at least 16 plants, but if you order more than 32 plants, you get a 10% discount. How sweet is that? Fill out the order form, and don?t forget your name and contact info at the top! Send the order form and a check payable to Root River Wild Ones to:

Chris Russin
21515 81st ST
Bristol, WI 53104

Orders must be received by Monday, March 20 and payment must accompany your order.

3. Special orders: If you aren?t content with the offerings here and are interested in a wider selection, we?re using a new supplier this year and I might be able to get you something that?s not on our list. Let me know what you?re looking for ? if it?s a tree or shrub and I can get it, I?ll let you know the price. If you are interested in perennials that you don?t see on this form, you can ask me about those as well ? almost all of our plants are available in 12-plant flats, so if you?re willing to order 12 of something (or share with someone else) we can order it for you if we can get it. How?s that for full service? If you want to special order something, just add it at the bottom of your form with a note.

4. If we have any problems or questions with your order, we’ll contact you. Pickup of plants will be at the plant sale, Saturday, June 3rd, 9-2pm at Gateway Technical College, 3520 30th Avenue, Kenosha.

4. Questions? Contact Chris at [email protected] or (608) 408-7082.


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